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Professional combined LED + CCFL-lamp for fixing shellac and accrued nails. The device is equipped with a CCFL-spiral with a power of 12 W and LED bulbs with a total power of 36 watts. The combination and convenient arrangement of light-emitting elements allows to quickly and evenly dry absolutely any gel-varnishes, as well as gel or acrylic.

The lamp is equipped with a motion sensor: automatically turns on as soon as the hand enters it, and if the hand is removed – immediately turns off. This allows you to make the procedure as safe as possible and observe the technology of manicure with an accuracy of a second.
The drying time is set using timers located on the back of the appliance. This arrangement is very convenient, since it allows the master to control the drying process without turning the lamp. Timers for 10, 30 or 60 seconds, turn on by pressing the button and turn off after a specified time.
At the top of the device is prudently installed soft gel pad, which is very convenient to use as a support for the client’s hand.

This feature of the design allows you to abandon the additional roller and save space on the manicure table.
The upper and lower parts of the lamp are fastened with a reliable magnetic lock. If necessary, the bottom of the device can easily be disconnected and a pedicure lamp used. The working area of ​​the device is closed by a sliding curtain, so that UV radiation does not strike the eyes and does not irradiate the client.
Lamps installed in the device do not require regular replacement. On average, the life of the light-emitting elements of the lamp is 50-100 thousand hours, i.e. several years of continuous work!