Cuticle oil pencil 7g Orange

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– Easy to carry
– Rich in plant essence
– A variety of flavor for choose
– Deep repair
Volume: 7 gr

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Cuticle oil pencil 7g Orange

Rich in fruit essence, it is fragrant and tempting.

Grape seed oil amino acids. Natural keratin. calcium. Safflower oil. Vitamin A. Vitamin E. Sesame oil. Thyme, etc.

Vitamins are good for nails, making nails and promoting keratin production.

This accelerates the growth of healthy nails, moisturizing the skin of the nails or the edges, leaving them dry, moisturized and radiant.

At the same time, it acts as a barrier to chemicals such as nail polish and nail damage.

For long-term use, the face is smooth and the skin at the fingertips is not long.