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Professional lamp POWERFUL UV + LED DIAMOND 36 W with sensor and timer 10,30,60 sec. and a magnetic demountable bottom is an indispensable assistant in coating the gel with lacquer and gel build-up.

Has a beautiful comfortable design, is easy to use, effective in work, ideally drying all the coatings in the nail service.
The model has been on the market for a long time and has proven itself as the best solution for a beginner or current master.
The DIAMOND lamp has a hybrid light system
With such an assembly, you can easily polymerize gel varnishes, shellacs, conventional and LED gels, biogels, etc.
UV lamp DIAMOND is equipped with LEDs, which have a working time of 50,000 hours.


  • high polymerization rate 10-30-60 sec.
  • Long service life (up to 5 years) 50 000 operating hours
  • light weight (about 700 grams)
  • small dimensions (170х150х80 mm)
  • safety, does not dry the skin, does not heat up
  • Stability of light-emitting diodes to impacts, saves power of radiation all service life
  • On the back of the lamp (as shown in the figure) there are control buttons (timer) responsible for selecting a timer: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds.
  • The size of the lamp allows you to dry one hand (all 5 fingers) and there is also a removable magnetic (or on the fittings) bottom for easy use of the lamp during pedicure.