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  • Perform a standard nail preparation: remove the previous coating, remove the cuticle, take the surface and give the desired shape to the nails. After that, it is recommended to clean the nail plate with a disinfectant and degreasing agent. If necessary, apply ultrabond – a special acid-free preparation for additional coupling of subsequent coatings with a natural nail.
  • Now put the base. Before applying you need to shake it well. Make sure you scoop enough natural fibers on the brush.
  • Light, smoothing movements distribute the base on the nail, so that the fibers are evenly spaced. If there are cracks on the nail or the need to additionally strengthen the tip, place a little more fibres on the appropriate places. The consistency is not very thick, but sufficient so that you have time to level the nail.
  • Then dry in the lamp. Nails are ready to be coated with gel polish.

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Base firming coating F.O.X Base Grid strengthens the nail with fibers.

The base is very soft and loyal to the nails. Very plastic and well clings to the nail, but it is well dissolved. Fibres is a firming component that provides streght for the nail plate or prevent damming an already damaged nail.

Natural fibers form a dense and solid web on the surface of the nail, which fixes and supports the natural nail.