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Komilfo Gel Jelly is a gel with a unique jelly consistency that does not flow and at the same time is easily smoothed with a brush and allows you to create an ideal nail architecture with minimal sawdust. Viscous. Designed for a three-phase system. Easily tightened and holds the arch. Suitable for strengthening, for building, for modeling complex shapes and for correction.

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Komilfo Gel Jelly – gel with an unique consistency of jelly, that does not flow, and besides, it is easily leveled with a brush and allows to create an ideal nail architecture with a minimal sawdust. Viscous. Designed for 3-phase system. Easily tightens up and holds an arch. Fits for strengthening, building, modeling of complex forms and correction.

Gel Jelly is polymerized in LED and UV lamps!

Application technology of Gel Jelly:

  1. Make a standard preparation of a nail plate for building. Try to avoid contact with water before building.
  2. Dehydrate a nail plate with Nail Prep and let it dry off.
  3. Apply acid primer, avoid touching cuticle and lateral rolls. Let it dry for 30 seconds.
  4. Ground a nail for gel. Dry off in a lamp: 30 seconds in a LED or hybrid, in UV – 2 minutes. Trim and apply a nail form to a nail.
  5. Put a Gel Jelly on a form in several layers (recommended 2 layers). Polymerize every layer in a lamp: 60 seconds in a LED or hybrid, UV – 4 minutes. After the first polymerization squeeze the arch and dry for 30 more seconds. After the second layer squeeze the arch and let the material to cool down in this position (3-4 minutes).
  6. Wipe a ready nail with a Nail Prep on an outside and inside and file up into a desirable nail architecture.
  7. With a help of Nail Prep remove the residual dust from a nail plate. You can apply a thin layer of top coat of Komilfo gel system and polymerize in a LED lamp for 60-90 seconds (UV lamp for 4 minutes), or apply a color coat with 2 layers, dry off every layer and fixate with a top coat for gel polishes.