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Double layer neoprene mask without valve

Composition: polyurethane, spunbond.

The multi-layer technology of the protective mask allows you to trap the smallest particles of dust, files, moisture, which is released during coughing and sneezing and can be a causative agent of respiratory diseases. The mask is convenient both in everyday life and in professional use. The high elasticity of the material allows the mask to fit snugly to the face.

It is recommended to change the mask to a clean one every 3 hours.

Care: after use, the protective mask must be rinsed under warm water with a small amount of washing liquid. After that, moisture must be removed. It is not recommended to twist the mask. Do not iron the mask. For daily use, it is recommended to change the protective mask every 2 months.

Shelf life in unopened packaging: 5 years.