Kodi Fruit Acid Cuticle Remover 15ml

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Cuticle Remover with fruit acids, 15 ml

Dry cuticle is a first thing to treat during hygienic manicure. The state of cuticle is important to the state and look of nails. In KODI PROFESSIONAL assortment there several different cuticle removers and in various shapes. These solutions are essential for cuticle treatment, and also help to solve related problems, provide an additional treatment of skin and nails.

Remover for cuticle with fruit acids quickly prepares cuticle for removing and prevents burrs. The solution has a sparing effect. Citric acids provide effective softening of cuticle, allow its delicate effortless removal. Blueberry and sugarcane extracts add to a quick renovation of skin after procedures.

Application mode: Apply a moderate amount of the solution on a skin around nail plate and wait 30-60 seconds. Remove softened cuticle with a skin pusher. The remains of remover rinse with water or remove with a lint free wipe soaked in a nail fresher.