Kodi Natural Rubber Base 12ml Ivory

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Kodi Professional is the most famous Gel Polish company in Ukraine.

The Gels Polish of Kodi Professional are highly recommended on the Manicure and Nails Masters in Ukraine.

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Kodi Natural Rubber Base 12ml Ivory is an innovative color base with camouflaging properties.

Being an in-house development of KODI PROFESSIONAL, the base has no analogues and demonstrates the expanded possibilities for professional application. The product is produced using new technologies on a rubber base, has a viscous self-leveling consistency and a dispersion layer. Keeping elasticity, the base perfectly strengthens and aligns the nail plate.

Suitable for natural and artificial nails. 6 dense shades of natural pastel palette allow you to choose the perfect shade for any client. The NATURAL RUBBER BASE  is used as a base gel when modeling artificial nails; for the alignment and strengthening of natural nails; as a base for a color coating.

Polymerization time: in the UV lamp 36 Watt – 2 minutes, in the LED lamp – 30 seconds.