Kodi Rubber Base Gel 7ml

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  • Ensures the uniformity of the coating;
  • Persistence and long-term wearability;
  • Prevents chipped and detached;
  • Viscous consistency and economical consumption;
  • It is easily applied and does not spread;
  • Ideal for thin, brittle and problem nails with pronounced irregularities.

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Serial number: 20082048
Shelf number: 2.2.1
Product Line number: B
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RUBBER BASE FOR GEL POLISH, 7ML. KODI PROFESSIONAL surprises you with a new bright design of a bottle. Rubber base is an agent that is popular between nail masters and their clients – all because of superb consumer qualities that allow flawless wearability of a gel polish for a long period of time. This base provides durability, wear resistance and elasticity, ensures perfect clutching of a gel polish with a nail. Has a sticky layer.


  • Even covering
  • Durability and damage resistance
  • Prevents layering and chipping
  • Viscous consistency and prudent consumption
  • Easy to apply and not prone to spilling
  • Good fit for thin, breakable and problematic nails with apparent roughness.

Recommended application: apply a thin layer. Polymerization time: UV lamp 36 Watt – 2 minutes; LED – 30 seconds. Easily comes off with a help of a special product Tips Off.