Kodi UV Gel White Snow 28ml

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Kodi UV Gel White Snow 28ml

  • The structure of the liquid
  • Rubber, single-phase
  • For drying use LED and UV lamp
  • Purpose: Strengthening plate, modeling

volume: 28ml

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Kodi UV Gel White Snow 28ml

Used to strengthen the natural nail plate, and can also be used to model short nails (the length of the free edge should not exceed one third of the natural nail plate). Has high plasticity, self-leveling. It has high adhesion properties to the surface of a natural nail, contains special fibers to further strengthen the gel structure.

To give the perfect shine, you need to cover it with Rubber Top Gel or Base/Top 2-in-1 gel. A great advantage of this gel is its ability to dissolve in the liquid for removing artificial nails Tips Off KODI professional. When working with UV Gel KODI Luxe Clear gel, each layer of gel should be dried in a UV lamp 36 watts 2 minutes, in LED – 30 seconds. The recommended storage temperature for this gel is from +4 to 10 ° C without direct sunlight.