Komilfo Acid Free Base, 8 ml

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Komilfo is one of the most famous Gel Polish company in Ukraine.

The Gels of Komilfo are thick and opaque and its help you to apply the Gel more convenient and easy


Volume: 8 ml

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Acid Free base for pedicure!

  • Has a liquid consistency, absolutely does not flow in a lamp!
  • Elastic and simple structure is very comfortable in using.
  • Does not contain toxic and allergenic components.
  • Does not cause traumatic burning.
  • Applies as comfortable as possible on a nail plate.
  • Applies with a thin layer without alignment.
  • Is a protective cover for damaged nails (can be used on a filed off nails).

The content is completely harmless and does not include acids!

The main accent of this base is pedicure, but also can be used on hand nails as a safe base for a weak and damaged nails, although the wearability time is no more than 10 days.