Komilfo Cuticle Remover Alkaline, 8 ML

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Komilfo Cuticle Remover Alkaline is an alkaline cuticle remover that does not overdry skin. It quickly removes the cuticle, has powerful active ingredients.
In contrast to the alkaline agent, this remuver gives instant results, you can see the effect immediately after use. Its action is aimed at removing the cuticle qualitatively but gently.
The cuticle remover effectively exfoliates and removes keratinized skin particles around the nail bed. Means well dissolves the coarsened cuticle. After applying the remover, the cuticle is easy to remove with an orange stick or europase. As a result, the cuticle becomes well-groomed and neat. The likelihood of burrs decreases.
How to use: Apply the product to the skin around the nail with a brush from the bottle, wait 1-2 minutes. Remove the cuticle and pterigy pushery, orange stick, remove the cuticle and pterigy. You can use a ceramic bar (europhem) or a professional manicure machine.

Volume: 8 ml