Komilfo effect pigment Unicorn Rainbow 006 fine grinding 1 g

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1.  Coat the nail  base  and gel varnish to dry in the lamp.

2.  The pigment may be rubbed into the gel without lacquer dissolved (if a gel varnish with a sticky layer, an adhesive layer to stay, if the gel without sticky lacquer-layer immediately ready for application of the pigment) in the top or without adhesive layer.

3.  Nail surface must be perfectly flat. In another case align topom (use of good quality without dissolved if the top with the adhesive layer – remove previously dissolved) and proceed to application of the pigment. If after application of the gel varnish are not required topom alignment, it is possible to directly rub the gel varnish.

4.  Brush on pigment or finger to rub and light (it is possible to take advantage of  foam  or  silicone brush ). In difficult places in the cuticle and side bolsters, use silicone or another brush. Required to brush away the excess pigment with a soft brush.

5.  Go through  buff  on end nails.

6.  Apply  Rubber Base Komilfo  or  gel base Komilfo  or any other rubber base (if the liquid is a base of the likelihood of chipping), sealing the free edge of the nail plate. Shut top.

The quality of the pigments is different and depend on it all the stages of the work. In order to get a mirror effect, the pigment must be rubbed in the top without an adhesive layer. Drying time stamp depends on the lamp and the pigment quality. The average of 30 seconds, the pigment is rubbed into the hot top. But also you should not overdry the top, the pigment be grist!

Rub pigment can be either a finger, or silicone brush (brush rubs ideally pigment). To fix the nail file or buff tortsuem free edge.