Komilfo French Rubber Base 013, 30 ml (without brush)

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Komilfo is one of the most famous Gel Polish company in Ukraine.

The Gels of Komilfo are thick and opaque and its help you to apply the Gel more convenient and easy


Volume: 30 ml

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Komilfo French Rubber Base – is an unique french base on a rubber basis, that provides an extra strong clutching and allows to even out the nail plate. Fits perfectly for french manicure.

Komilfo Base can be applied by a classic technology and by a “drop” method (technique of nail strengthening and nail plate leveling).

Advantages of Komilfo French Rubber Base:

  • an ideal base for french – the base coat is irreplaceable for french manicure due to gentle nude shades, it lays evenly and looks natural;
  • has a medium density, which makes it perfect for self-evening of a nail plate, is elastic and very comfortable in use;
  • it evens the nail plate and allows to make a flawless nail shape before gel polish cover;
  • the texture of the base strengthens the nail plate. It is preferable to remove the sticky layer before applying color cover for a better clutching with a nail plate;
  • an improved formula on a rubber basis provides durability for gel polish for 21 days, prevents its layering and chipping.

Technology of application:

  1. Make a standard nail prepping: remove previous cover, remove the cuticle, buff the surface and make into a desirable shape. After that it is recommended to disinfect and dehydrate the nail plate. Apply ultrabond – special acid free solution for an additional clutching.
  2. Apply Komilfo Base Cover. The base allows to even out the nail plate and make a perfect nail shape before color cover. Dry off in an UV lamp.
  3. Apply 2 layers of color cover Komilfo. Don’t forget to seal every layer (including base and top). Polymerization time of color cover in an UV lamp – 2 minutes, LED lamp – 30 seconds.
  4. Apply top cover Komilfo in a thin layer, dry off in a LED lamp for 90 seconds, UV lamp – as long as possible.
  5. To conclude, apply a cuticle oil.