Komilfo No-Wipe Silver Top with UV filters, 8 ml

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Komilfo is one of the most famous Gel Polish company in Ukraine.

The Gels of Komilfo are thick and opaque and its help you to apply the Gel more convenient and easy


Volume: 8 ml

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Komilfo No Wipe Silver Top – top for gel polish without a sticky layer with UV filters

Topcoat without sticky layer. Gives long-lasting shine and brightness to gel polishes. Provides protection of the colored coating from chips, cracks, scratches, color fading; gives additional strength to gel polish.

Komilfo No Wipe Silver Top – a top without a sticky layer with a silver micro-glitter – this is exactly what will be a win-win option for a bright manicure with any shade of gel polish! The maximum amount of silver glitter, allows you to perfectly apply the top from the first coat! Top with UV filters that protect color and glitter from fading and discoloration.

resistant – thanks to the improved formula, the top reliably protects the color gel polish from external factors, retains the brightness of the color for a long time and prevents chipping and peeling;
no sticky layer – no removal of the sticky layer is required, which simplifies coating and saves time;
does not turn yellow – the top contains UV protection, so with prolonged wear it will not start to turn yellow;
not thick – gently and evenly lays down on the nail plate in a thin layer, does not spread.

Polymerization time: UV lamp 36W – 2 minutes; LED – 30 seconds.