Komilfo Top Nail Forms, Multishape 120pcs.

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Komilfo Top Nail Forms, Multishape

Intended for building nails in a salon with a minimal sawdust. An arch of an upper shape allows to design a maximal natural nail shapes, imitating a natural nail plate.

Options of the width of upper universal forms allow to build hand nails, and also to perform prosthesis and nail plate bulding on feet.

Forms are reusable. Thin, elastic, do not bend.

Meant for work with acrygel and polygel.

Quantity: 120 pcs in a box (different sizes)

Color: transparent

Shape: universal

These tips are suitable for buiding nails of any shapes.


  1. Make a standard nail plate preparation.
  2. Select a form of a needed shape.
  3. Put a moderate amount of acrylic gel on an upper form in an area of a free edge.
  4. Mold the gel into a necessary shape, then polymerize for 15 seconds.
  5. Lay out acrylic gel on a form in an area of cuticle.
  6. Fixate a form on a nail plate, put it in a lamp while holding it on a client’s finger and polymerize for as long as possible.
  7. After the end of polymerization the upper form should remove itself easily from stiff material.
  8. Shapen the free edge with a help of a file.