Komilfo Two-side magnet for cat’s eye

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Method of application: apply a base for gel polish to the nails, then cover the nail plate in 2 layers with a special magnetic gel polish. Before curing in a UV lamp, bring the magnet at a distance of 3 millimeters and hold it for 5-7 seconds until the desired result is obtained. Each layer of gel polish needs to be cured in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in LED – 30 seconds.

Cover with top.


Round magnet size: 1cm x 1cm

Square magnet size: 2.5cm x 1cm

Komilfo cat’s eye gel polish magnet, neodymium, double-sided

The reinforced magnet is designed for additional possibilities when working with Cat’s Eye gel polishes. It allows you to form not only vertical or diagonal highlights, but also to achieve an extra-thin strip on the surface of the nails, to obtain cross-shaped and X-shaped patterns, curved lines, semicircles and other geometric shapes that will give a new look to many already familiar gel polishes.

ATTENTION! Never store this magnet next to chip cards, intercom keys, car alarm key fobs, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and laptops – the magnetic field has a detrimental effect on all of the above items. Avoid getting the magnet on the milling units to avoid disrupting the electromagnetic coil inside your router.