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Round thin brushes 1D/00-s (hair length 7mm) and 10D/001-s (hair length 10mm) draw the thinnest contour lines perfectly. These brushes make it easy to create exquisite lacy patterns and original ornaments.

One of the most popular PNB brushes – 6D/6-s Ombre, hair length 10mm. Made of thinned out high quality synthetic fiber. Irreplaceable for designing gradient drawings, creating smooth soft color transitions. The brush is very handy, the shape of hair pieces is elaborate enough that even a newbie can work on gentle or contrasting drawing of “ombre” technique.

Square brush 5G/4-s. Has a very broad application: making of colorful tinting, french cover. It is also convenient for working with gel, polygel, acrylic gel in a process of modeling or restoration of nails. Made of nylon fiber with a “column” type. Hair length 8,5 mm.