PNB UV/LED 17 ml Extrapro (Rubber) Base

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• Has a thicker, more dense consistency

• Does not spread
• Self-leveling
• Provides maximum reliable adhesion to the next layer of colored gel-varnish and / or decor elements
• Strengthens and provides extra elasticity of the nail plate

Using ExtraPRO Base it is easy to give the ideal shape even to thin, depleted nails, and also to grow the missing free edge or fingernail of small length.

Apply a thin layer of rubbing brush movements. Polymerized in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in LED, UVLED and hybrid lamps – 60 seconds.

Rubber-rich enrichment coatings PNB ExtraPRO Rubber rich formula are removed within 10-15 minutes, by soaking with a cotton pad impregnated with Gel Remover PNB liquid, and wrapping with foil.

Neil-ART with ExtraPRO Base Rubber Rich formula PNB will please you until the next visit to the master, at least 28 days!