UV/LED 8 ml ExtraPRO Top Rubber

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PNB fixer

ExtraPRO Rubber rich formula PNB is the NEXT generation rubber gel lacquer coating. Laboratory experiments with different temperature regimes, moisture tests and strength tests led to the molecular enrichment of the original Rubber Top formula .

• Increased elasticity
• High level of adhesion
• Extra plasticity
• Self-leveling
• No sharp smell

Extra permanent and extra bright gel-lacquer manicure is now a reality! 3 weeks is not the limit!

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• Extra shine and brightness of color
• Reinforced protection against chipping and yellowing
• Self-leveling and hiding minor flaws
• Does not flow into the side rollers
• Easy to apply and spread over the surface
• Extra durability longer than you expect !!!

Rhinestones, rivets, bouillas, pearls with PNB ExtraPRO Top fixer – now there is exactly as much in manicure as you want!

Cures in UV lamp for 3 minutes, in LED, UVLED and hybrid lamps – 60 seconds.

Removed rubber-rich enriched coatings PNB ExtraPRO Rubber rich formula for 10-15 minutes, soaking with a cotton pad soaked in Gel Remover PNB liquid, and wrapping with foil.

ExtraPRO Top Rubber rich formula PNB nail art ART will delight you until your next visit to the master for at least 28 days!

8 ml