PNB UV/LED Builder Gel Milky Way 50ml

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UV/LED modeling transparent gel PNB

A new milky gel for nail modeling with a high self-evening qualities, medium viscosity. Has a good adhesion with natural nails, can be used during nail building, both on nail forms and on tips.

Polymerization time: in UV lamp – 2 minutes, in LED lamp 60 seconds.

Nail preparation before strengthening and building includes:

  1. Mechanical treatment with a buff or a nail file 240 grit.
  2. Application of Nail Dehydrator.
  3. Application of Bond Control on a whole surface of a nail without surplus.
  4. Application of Universal Base in a thin layer.
  5. An actual gel application maintaining a thickness no more than 2 mm. The material is self-leveling under a mechanical influence of a brush. It is recommended to use PNB brush oval 4-k or 6-s.
  6. Polymerization of every layer – 1-2 minutes in a LED lamp PNB, depending on a thickness of gel layer. After polymerization it is needed to remove the sticky layer before filing.

It is possible to use any form for building.

For strengthening it is not allowed to apply too thin, to avoid chipping. Please follow the rules of strengthening technology.