Staleks FE-11-165 Laser nail file

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rofessional laser nail file EXPERT 11 165 mm FE-11-165 with two working surfaces is ideal for use in salon conditions and allows you to adjust the length and shape of nails as quickly as possible, with high quality and without compromising the integrity of the nail plate. Two straight work surfaces with rounded ends, laser notches and a diamond abrasive coating are resistant to mechanical damage and easily cope with even the toughest nails, preventing delamination and the formation of microcracks. The EXPERT 11 165 mm file is: high quality stainless steel base; convenient shape and universal size; high-quality polishing; durability and reliability. With the help of this practical tool, you can handle long and short nails of any shape, model the corners and tips, polish skin rolls with high quality without the risk of damage. Notches – “suns” marked by a more rigid surface, naseks – “asterisks” – less rigid.

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