Kodi Sticky Foil Gel, 7 ML

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Today there is an unimaginable number of varieties of foil for casting, and the design technique itself with its use does not lose its relevance, acquiring new ideas. Professional tools for the corresponding purpose will greatly facilitate the implementation of nail art with foil.

Sticky Foil Gel is an indispensable tool for any designs using foil. Upon completion of the polymerization process, this gel exhibits optimum “tack” for easy, easy and complete re-printing of foil. The use of sticky gel makes it accessible and convenient to create any options for nail designs with foil.

Sticky gel for foil is used over a base or colored gel-varnish coat, from which the dispersion layer is previously removed. After completing the design with foil, the top coating is used in the final stage.


Sticky Foil Gel, 7ml