PNB Nail&Cuticle Oil, Rose 30 ML

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The optimal combination of natural tsiperusa oils and grape seeds, provides softening of the cuticle, moisturizing and restoring the nail plate, improves the elasticity and elasticity of the nails. The composition of the oil also includes extracts of echinacea, ginseng and extract of olive leaves, which provides maximum nutrition and promotes the growth of healthy and strong nails.

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Cuticle Oil Nail&Care Rose PNB – a perfect balaned solution for cuticle and nail plate treatment. The formula was designed specifically for professional use, but also fits for home use. The content includes vitamin and mineral complex that will insure a neat manicure and a sense of comfort.

The formula is rich with active components that:

  • nourish and mosturize thin skin;
  • restore skin after mechanic influence;
  • eases cuticle removal;
  • saturate nail plate with good substances, give it a shine;
  • works as a natural antiseptic.

Application: put on a nail plate and cuticle and massage until complete absorption. Use 2-3 times a week for prevention, in case of dry nail problems use every day for 2 weeks.