Quartz Tools Sterilizer

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  • Tool processing time: approximately 20-30 seconds
  • Time required to reach the operating temperature: about 12 minutes.
  • Operating temperature: 170 degrees Celsius.
  • Maximum temperature of heating up to 250 degrees.

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Quartz sterilizer “Konsung Beauty” Tools Sterilizer for cosmetology tools – quartz high-temperature sterilizer, used for sterilization of manicure, pedicure, cosmetology, dental instruments, hairdressing scissors. The internal capacity of the quartz sterilizer is filled with glasperlene (glass) beads by 80%.
When the desired temperature is reached, a working surface of pre-disinfected and cleaned metal tools is placed in a container with heated balls for 20-60 seconds.

Glasperlene balls (quartz crystals) are rapidly heated and do not collapse under the influence of high temperature, which allows them to be used for a long time, and also keep the instruments in an upright position. plastic housing aluminum non-removable ball container glasperlene balls included