Staleks FE-11-155 Laser nail file EXPERT 11 155mm (straight with handle)

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● efficient removal of rough skin from nail folds and nail plate correction

● two degrees of coarseness

● polished handle for comfortable grip

● suitable for sterilization in autoclave or hot-air sterilizer

● suitable for disinfection with dedicated products

● stainless steel

● TOOL LENGTH 155 мм

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STALEKS PRO – highly maintainable instruments designed for long-term professional use. We recommend EXCLUSIVE, EXPERT, and SMART series to manicure and pedicure specialists, cosmetologists, experts in eyebrow modelling and lash extension.

All professional series instruments are made of high-quality medical grade steel to ensure great corrosion resistance and serviceability. Every instrument is sharpened manually, and this guarantees prolonged sharpness and exceptional cut quality.

STALEKS PRO instruments offer great versatility of shape, type, and size options, so beauty professionals can pick the right tool for the job to make work effortless and pleasant.