Kodi Rubber Top Gel 8ml

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  • Ensures the uniformity of the coating;
  • Persistence and long-term wearability;
  • Prevents chipped and detached;
  • Viscous consistency and economical consumption;
  • It is easily applied and does not spread;
  • Ideal for thin, brittle and problem nails with pronounced irregularities.

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Kodi Rubber Top Gel 8ml is a new generation product with a unique composition.

To properly complete a complex multilayer manicure, you must use high-quality surface finish. To this end, developed excellent rubber top coating Rubber Top, designed to create the final layer, which has a great effect. This layer reliably protects the nail polish from all sorts of influences. After curing, the adhesive layer is formed, which is removed using a special «Cleancer» composition. Coverage should be polymerized by radiation or UV Led lamps. Top can be easily removed by applying the tool Tips Off.

  • Type: topcoat
  • Brilliant effect
  • No smell
  • The adhesive layer
  • Kodi Professional

Polymerization time: UV lamp 36W – 2 minutes; LED – 30 seconds.

Easily removable when using a special tool Tips Off.